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The Biotechnology Building

The Department of Molecular Biology Genetics, along with the Cornell University Biotechnology Resource Center, is housed in the Biotechnology Building, which is located on the central campus. The Biotechnology Building is the largest single research building on the Cornell campus, housing approximately 36 faculty, 50 postdoctoral and research associates, and 100 graduate students. The building also contains a number of modern research service facilities including those for protein and nucleic acid synthesis and sequencing, fluorescence and electron microscopic imaging, and x-ray and NMR spectroscopy. View a full list of resources available in the Biotechnology Building.

The Cornell University Life Sciences Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC).

The BRC provides an array of genomics, proteomics, imaging, IT and informatics shared research resources and services to the full University community and to investigators at other academic institutions and commercial enterprises.

Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source

Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source is a high-intensity X-ray source supported by the National Science Foundation.

Center for Advanced Computing

The Center for Advanced Computing will help you accelerate your research discoveries with scalable, high-performance computing solutions. Core HPC systems and consulting services help you focus on your core mission - research.

Center for Materials Research

The Cornell Center for Materials Research is an interdisciplinary organization established for the purpose of facilitating and promoting research and graduate instruction in the branches of science related to materials throughout the University. The Weill Institute primarily makes use of the FEI Titan Themis CryoS/TEM 60-300kV, located in the Physical Sciences Building.