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Message from the Director

Welcome to the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Institute for Cell & Molecular Biology at Cornell University. The Weill Institute opened in June 2008, with a vision to create a vibrant center of scientific excellence in basic biology integrated with existing, outstanding programs in chemistry and chemical biology, physics, plant biology, computational biology, and engineering. We have sought to attract the best faculty, students, and postdocs and to establish an environment that encourages cutting-edge research and the transfer of ideas and technology.

Research in the Institute covers topics in cell signaling, membrane trafficking, bacterial pathogenesis, cancer biology and metastasis, DNA damage and repair, neurodegeneration, and the regulation of the size and shape of cells during development. Model organisms including bacteria, yeast, flies, plants, and mice are being used to discover the molecules and mechanisms underlying these essential pathways toward the ultimate goal of understanding human disease and improving health.

As the Weill Institute grows and changes, it is a privilege to oversee this dynamic interdisciplinary center. I look forward to the next chapter in our exploration of the remarkable molecular machines that are essential to keep cells alive and maintain their normal functions.

Scott Emr, PhD
Professor & Director, WICMB