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Keck Biomembrane Retreat

For over a decade, groups from the Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medical College campuses of Cornell University have met for an annual 3-day event, known as the Keck Biomembrane Retreat. The program includes lectures by faculty and trainees, as well as poster presentations.

The 2014 Retreat – hosted by WICMB Director Scott Emr and Frederick Maxfield, Chair of the Dept. of Biochemistry at WCMC – was held in New York City from June 30 to July 2, at the newly opened Belfer Research Building. Beginning with a Keynote Lecture by Dr. Lewis Cantley, Director of the Meyer Cancer Center, WCMC, the Retreat featured 25 speakers and 55 posters. Presentations were given by Weill Institute members Yuxin Mao, W. Mike Henne, Chun Han and Li Xu. In addition, posters from WICMB members Thaher Pelaseyed, Jessica Wayt, Caitlin McDonold, Chris Fromme, Jon Paczkowski, Steven Tang, Xiaaloai, Xi Luo and Fosheng Hsu were exhibited.

The 2015 Retreat was held at Cornell University's Ithaca campus. Beginning with a Keynote Lecture by Dr. Anthony Bretscher, Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics/Weill Institute, the Retreat featured 22 speakers and 36 posters. Presentations were given by Weill Institute members Anil Akturk, Steven Tang, and Brian Richardson. In addition, posters from Weill Institute members  Ya-Shan Chuang, Patricia Davidson, Evan Guiney, Till Klecker, Margaret Gustafson, Steve Halaby, Amy Poe, Maria Sapar, C├ęcile Sauvanet, Peter Sullivan, Steven Tang, Jon Wasilko, and Jess Wayt were exhibited.

Please check back for information on the 2017 Keck Biomembrane Retreat, to be held July 10-12th, in Ithaca NY.