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As part of its New Life Sciences Initiative, Cornell University has recently established and endowed the Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology. Housed in a recently completed $160M building (Weill Hall), located in the heart of Cornell's Ithaca, NY campus, the Weill Institute is already a vibrant center of scientific excellence in basic cell biology, integrated with strong existing programs in chemistry and chemical biology, physics, computational biology, and engineering.

The Weill Institute is inviting applications for several postdoctoral positions. Highly motivated applicants must have a recent Ph.D. or M.D. degree and strong experience in cell biology, biochemistry, genetics or proteomics, as demonstrated by a record of publication.

Postdoctoral applications should be submitted directly to the relevant Weill Institute faculty member, and consist of a curriculum vitae, a letter outlining current research accomplishments and specific research interests, and the names of three scientists who may be contacted for letters of recommendation.