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Recent Institute Publications

Siqi Liang, Nathaniel Tippens, Yaoda Zhou, Matthew Mort, Peter Stenson, David Cooper, Haiyuan Yu. iRegNet3D: three-dimensional integrated regulatory network for the genomic analysis of coding and non-coding disease mutations. Genome Biol. (2017)

Lilan Hong, Joel Brown, Nicholas Segerson, Jocelyn Rose, Adrienne H.K. Roeder. CUTIN SYNTHASE 2 Maintains Progressively Developing Cuticular Ridges in Arabidopsis Sepals. Molecular Plant. (2017) 

Heather Meyer, José Teles, Pau Formosa-Jordan, Yassin Refahi, Rita San-Bento, Gwyneth Ingram, Henrik Jönsson, James C. W. Locke, & Adrienne H.K. Roeder. Fluctuations of the transcription factor ATML1 generate the pattern of giant cells in the Arabidopsis sepal. eLife. (2017) 

Elisa Cabrera, Santiago Hernández-Pérez, Stephane Koundrioukoff, Michelle Debatisse, Dongsung Kim, Marcus Smolka, Raimundo Freire, David Gillespie. PERK inhibits DNA replication during the Unfolded Protein Response via Claspin and Chk1. Oncogene. (2017)

Yi Liu, José Renato Cussiol, Diego Dibitetto, Jennie Rae Sims, Shyam Twayana, Robert Samuel Weiss, Raimundo Freire, Federica Marini, Achille Pellicioli, Marcus Smolka. TOPBP1/Dpb11 plays a conserved role in homologous recombination DNA repair through the coordinated recruitment of 53BP1/Rad9. J Cell Biol. (2017)

Lilan Hong, Adrienne Roeder. Plant Development: Differential Growth Rates in Distinct Zones Shape an Ancient Plant Form. Curr Biol. (2017)

Evan Guiney, Till Klecker, Scott D. Emr. Identification of the endocytic sorting signal recognized by the Art1-Rsp5 ubiquitin ligase complex. Mol Biol Cell. (2016)

Tyler Kirby, Jan Lammerding. Cell mechanotransduction: Stretch to express. Nature Materials. (2016)

Jan Lammerding, Katarina Wolf. Nuclear envelope rupture: Actin fibers are putting the squeeze on the nucleus. J Cell Biol. (2016)

Erich M. Schwarz and Adrienne H. K. Roeder. Transcriptomic Effects of the Cell Cycle Regulator LGO in Arabidopsis Sepals. Frontiers in Plant Science. (2016) 

Yen-Sin Ang, Renee Rivas, Alexandre Ribeiro, Rohith Srivas, Janell Rivera, Nicole R. Stone, Karishma Pratt, Tamer Mohamed, Ji-Dong Fu, C. Ian Spencer, Nathaniel Tippens, Molong Li, Anil Narasimha, Ethan Radzinsky, Anita J. Moon-Grady, Haiyuan Yu, Beth L. Pruitt, Michael P. Snyder, Deepak Srivastava. Disease Model of GATA4 Mutation Reveals Transcription Factor Cooperativity in Human Cardiogenesis. Cell. (2016)

Laura Thomas, Chris Fromme. GTPase cross talk regulates TRAPPII activation of Rab11 homologues during vesicle biogenesis. J Cell Biol. (2016)

Timothy Bumpus, Jeremy Baskin. A Chemoenzymatic Strategy for Imaging Cellular Phosphatidic Acid Synthesis. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. (2016)

Yu Guo, Katherine Alexander, Andrew G. Clark, Andrew Grimson, Haiyuan Yu. Integrated network analysis reveals distinct regulatory roles of transcription factors and microRNAs. RNA. (2016)

Xuan Cao, Emad Moeendarbary, Philipp Isermann, Patricia Davidson, Xiao Wang, Michelle B. Chen, Anya K. Burkart, Jan Lammerding, Roger D. Kamm, Vivek B. Shenoy. A Chemomechanical Model for Nuclear Morphology and Stresses during Cell Transendothelial Migration. Biophysical J. (2016)

Jon Pasczkowski, Chris Fromme. Analysis of Arf1 GTPase-Dependent Membrane Binding and Remodeling Using the Exomer Secretory Vesicle Cargo Adaptor. Methods Mol Biol. (2016)

Kyao Myo Lwin, Donghao Li, Anthony Bretscher. Kinesin-related Smy1 enhances the Rab-dependent association of myosin-V with secretory cargo. Mol Biol Cell. (2016)

Emily Bell, Jan  Lammerding. Causes and consequences of nuclear envelope alterations in tumour progression. Eur J Cell Biol. 2016. Review.

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