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Recent Institute Publications

Cao, X., Baskin, J. Phosphoinositide phosphorylation sans kinase. Nature Cell Bio. (2022)

O'Leary, M.K., Sundaram, V., LiPuma, J.J., Dörr, T., Westblade, L.F., Alabi, C.A. Mechanism of Action and Resistance Evasion of an Antimicrobial Oligomer against Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria. ACS Applied Bio. Materials. (2022)

Ghosh, S., Mohamed, Z., Shin, J.H., Naser, S.F.B.E., Bali, K., Dörr, T., Owens, R.M., Salleo, A., Daniel, S. Impedance sensing of antibiotic interactions with a pathogenic E. coli outer membrane supported bilayer. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. (2022)

Yuan, Q., Han, C., Soba, P. Editorial: Connecting Form and Function: Recent Advances in Understanding Dendrite Morphogenesis and Plasticity. Front. Cell. Neurosci. (2022)

Tei, R., Baskin, J.M. Click chemistry and optogenetic approaches to visualize and manipulate phosphatidic acid signaling. J. Bio. Chem. (2022)

Agrawal, R., Windsor, A., Lammerding, J. Assembly and Use of a Microfluidic Device to Study Nuclear Mechanobiology During Confined Migration. Methods in Mol. Bio. (2022) 

Li, Y., Cross, T.S., Dörr, T. Analysis of AcrB in Klebsiella pneumoniae reveals natural variants promoting enhanced multidrug resistance. Res MicroBio. (2022)

Cammarata, J., Morales Farfan, C., Scanlon, M.J., Roeder, A.H.K. Cytokinin-CLAVATA cross-talk is an ancient mechanism regulating shoot meristem homeostasis in land plants. PNAS. (2022)

Banjade, S., Zhu, L., Jorgensen, J.R., Suzuki, S.W., Emr, S.D. Recruitment and organization of ESCRT-0 and ubiquitinated cargo via condensation. Sci Adv. (2022)

Lombardo, A.T., Zaman, R., McDermitt, D., Bretscher, A.P. Microvilli, myosin contractility and apical actin organization are regulated locally though ezrin bound gaps. Biophysical Journal. (2022)

Feng, T., Luan, L., Katz, I.I., Ullah, M., Van Deerlin, V.M., Trojanowski, J.Q., Lee, E.B., Hu, F. TMEM106B deficiency impairs cerebellar myelination and synaptic integrity with Purkinje cell loss. Acta Neuropathologica Comm. (2022)

Burda, I., Roeder, A.H.K. Stepping on the molecular brake: Slowing down proliferation to allow differentiation. Dev Cell. (2022) 

Tollis S., Rizzotto A., Pham N.T., Koivukoski S., Sivakumar A., Shave S., Wildenhain J., Zuleger N., Keys J.T., Culley J., Zheng Y., Lammerding J. Chemical Interrogation of Nuclear Size Identifies Compounds with Cancer Cell Line-Specific Effects on Migration and Invasion. ACS Chem Bio. (2022)

Ji, H., Sapar, M.L., Sarkar, A., Han, C. Phagocytosis and self-destruction break down dendrites of Drosophila sensory neurons at distinct steps of Wallerian degeneration. PNAS. (2022)

Pereira, C., Arroyo-Martinez, G.A., Guo, M.Z., Downey, M.S., Kelly, E.R., Grive, K.J., Mahadevaiah, S.K., Sims, J.R., Faca, V.M., Tsai, C., Schiltz, C.J., Wit, N., Jacobs, H., Clark, N.L., Freire, R., Turner, J., Lyndaker, A.M. Brieno-Enriquez, M.A., Cohen, P.E., Smolka, M.B., Weiss, R.S. Multiple 9-1-1 complexes promote homolog synapsis, DSB repair, and ATR signaling during mammalian meiosis. eLife. (2022)

O'Leary M.K., Sundaram V., Lipuma J.J., Dörr T., Westblade L.F., Alabi C.A. Mechanism of Action and Resistance Evasion of an Antimicrobial Oligomer against Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria. ACS Applied Bio Materials. (2022) 

Sims, J.R., Faça, V.M., Pereira, C., Ascenção, C., Comstock, W., Badar, J., Arroyo-Martinez, G.A., Freire, R., Cohen, P.E., Weiss, R.E., Smolka, M.B. Phosphoproteomics of ATR signaling in mouse testes. Biochem and Chem Bio. (2022)

Ghosh S., Mohamed Z., Shin J.-H., Bint E Naser S.F., Bali K., Dörr T., Owens R.M., Salleo A., Daniel S.  Impedance sensing of antibiotic interactions with a pathogenic E. coli outer membrane supported bilayer. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. (2022)

Zhang, T., Du, H., Nunez Santos, M., Wu, X., Pagan, M.D., Jillian Trigiani, L., Nishimura, N., Reinheckel, T., Hu, F.  Differential regulation of progranulin derived granulin peptides. Molecular Degeneration. (2022)

Weaver A., Alvarez L., Rosch K., Ahmed A., Wang G., Van Nieuwenhze M., Cava F., Dörr T. Lytic transglycosylases mitigate periplasmic crowding by degrading soluble cell wall turnover products. eLife. (2022)

Roeder, A.H.K., Otegui, M.S., Dixit, R., Anderson, C.T., Faulkner, C. Zhang, Y., Harrison, M.J., Kirchhelle, C., Goshima, G., Coate, J.E., Doyle, J.J., Hamant, O., Sugimoto, K., Dolan, L., Meyer, H., Ehrhardt, D.W., Boudaoud, A., Messina, C. Fifteen compelling open questions in plant cell biology. Plant Cell. (2022)

Weijers D., Bezanilla M., Jiang L., Roeder A.H.K., Williams M. Back to the roots: A focus on plant cell biology. Plant Cell. (2022) 

Miller M.R., McDermitt D.J., Sauvanet C., Lombardo A.T., Zaman R., Bretscher A. The RabGAPs EPI64A and EPI64B regulate the apical structure of epithelial cells. Mol Bio Cell. (2022)

Liang D., Cheloha R.W., Watanabe T., Gardella T.J., Baskin J.M. Activity-based, bioorthogonal imaging of phospholipase D reveals spatiotemporal dynamics of GPCR-Gq signaling. Cell Chem Bio. (2022)

Wang, H., Alarcón, C.N., Liu, B., Watson, F., Searles, S., Lee C.K., Keys J., Pi W., Allen, D., Lammerding, J., Bui J.D., Klemke R.L. Genetically engineered and enucleated human mesenchymal stromal cells for the targeted delivery of therapeutics to diseased tissue. Nature BioMed Eng. (2021)

Yu, W., Zhi, L., Woo, C.M., Baskin, J.M. A Chemoproteomics Approach to Profile Phospholipase D-Derived Phosphatidyl Alcohol Interactions. ACS Chem Bio. (2021)

Roeder, A.H.K. Interview with Adrienne Roeder. Trends in Plant Sci. (2022)

Batrouni, A.G., Bag, N., Phan, H.T., Baird, B.A., Baskin, J.M. A palmitoylation code controls PI4KIIIα complex formation and PI(4,5)P2 homeostasis at the plasma membrane. J Cell Sci. (2022)

Yu, W., Baskin, J.M. There is a lock for every key. Nature Chem Bio. (2021)

Bumpus, T.W., Huang, S., Tei, R., Baskin, J.M. Click chemistry-enabled CRISPR screening reveals GSK3 as a regulator of PLD signaling. PNAS. (2021)

Baskin, J.M., Seeliger, J.C. A look at the lives of lipids. Curr Op Chem Bio. (2021)

Sardana, R., Highland, C.M., Straight, B.E., Chavez, C.F., Fromme, J.C., Emr, S.D. Golgi membrane protein Erd1 Is essential for recycling a subset of Golgi glycosyltransferases. eLife. (2021)

Stefan, C.J., Henne, W.M., Emr, S.D., Schaffer, J.E. Transport and secretion | Vacuoles. Enc Bio Chem 3rd Ed, Vol. 5. (2021)

Siemsen, K., Rajput, S., Rasch, F., Taheri, F., Adelung, R., Lammerding, J., Selhuber-Unkel, C. Tunable 3D Hydrogel Microchannel Networks to Study Confined Mammalian Cell Migration. Adv Healthcare Materials. (2021)

Harline, K., Martinez-Gomez, J., Specht, C.Dl, Roeder, A.H.K. A Life Cycle for Modeling Biology at Different Scales. Frontiers in Plant Sci. (2021) 

Huth S., Blumberg J.W., Probst D., Lammerding J., Schwarz U.S., Selhuber-Unkel C. Quantifying force transmission through fibroblasts: changes of traction forces under external shearing. Eur Biophysics J. (2021)

Suzuki, S.W., Oishi, A., Nikulin, N., Jorgensen, J.R., Baile, M.G., Emr, S.D. A PX-BAR protein Mvp1/SNX8 and a dynamin-like GTPase Vps1 drive endosomal recycling. Elife. (2021)

Sanford, E.J., Smolka, M.B. Fe-NTA Microcolumn Purification of Phosphopeptides from Immunoprecipitation (IP) Eluates for Mass Spectrometry Analysis. Bio-protocol. (2021)  

Neuman, S.D., Jorgensen, J.R., Cavanagh, A.T., Smyth, J.T., Selegue, J.E., Emr, S.D., Bashirullah, A. The Hob proteins are novel and conserved lipid-binding proteins at ER-PM contact sites. J Cell Sci. (2021)

Pellicanò, G., Al Mamun, M., Jurado-Santiago, D., Villa-Hernández, S., Yin, X., Giannattasio, M., Lanz, M.C., Smolka, M.B., Yeeles, J., Shirahige K., García-Díaz, M., Bermejo, R. Checkpoint-mediated DNA polymerase ε exonuclease activity curbing counteracts resection-driven fork collapse. Mol Cell. (2021) 

Tei, R., Morstein, J., Shemet, A., Trauner, D., Baskin, J.M. Optical Control of Phosphatidic Acid Signaling. ACS Cent. Sci. (2021)

Tei, R., Baskin, J.M. Induced proximity tools for precise manipulation of lipid signaling. Curr Opin Chem Biol. (2021) 

Mohamed, Z., Shin, J.H., Ghosh, S., Sharma, A.K., Pinnock, F., Farnush, S.B.E.N., Dörr, T., Daniel S. Clinically Relevant Bacterial Outer Membrane Models for Antibiotic Screening Applications. ACS Infect. Dis. (2021)

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