Postdoc at the bench

postdoc at the benchpostdoc at the bench

Thesis Defense Celebration

Thesis defense celebrationThesis defense celebration

Weill Institute Faculty

Weill Institute facultyWeill Institute faculty

Graduate student and PI in the lab

Student and PI in the labStudent and PI in the lab

Weill Hall at Night

Weill Hall at nightWeill Hall at night
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Welcome to the Weill Institute for Cell & Molecular Biology at Cornell University. The Weill Institute opened in June 2008, with a vision to create a vibrant center of scientific excellence in basic biology integrated with existing, outstanding programs in chemistry and chemical biology, microbiology, plant biology, computational biology, genetics, and engineering. We have sought to attract the best faculty, students, and postdocs and to establish an environment that encourages cutting-edge research and the transfer of ideas and technology.